Historical Headgear, Hats, and Helmets:
                                   The Ancients
                 Where History Meets Duct Tape

"This book motivated my "ho-hum history" middle schoolers to leap into ancient civilization topics! This headgear transforms students into soldiers of ancient times to learn "first-hand" about the life and times of various eras.  Its the BEST "hands-on" ancient history help I've seen yet!"
Nancy G., homeschool mom

"What better way to enjoy your history than to wear it!"  Historical Headgear, Hats, and Helmets' detailed instructions and photos help parents and kids create spectacular hats bringing enjoyment and reinforcement to their history study that will extend into playtime.  I highly recommend Jean's book for even the most amateur milliner."
Diana T., homeschool mom, speaker,
and writing instructor for The Potter's School

"Our family loves making the duct tape hats. They are durable and real-to-life, yet still simple enough that children and their parents can enjoy constructing them together.  A great way to visually aid the learning of ancient history!"
Melissa R., homeschool mom

"The Philistine hats were so fun and easy to make! even the younger kids could make them"
Rachel W., middle school student