Romans - Praetorian Guard

  Ancient Rome 27BC-284AD




The Roman Praetorian Guard and ranking Roman officers wore these crested helmets usually for dress occasions.  The Praetorian Guard was created by Caesar Augustus and continued through to Constantine in varying degrees of activity and power.   They were elite, specially selected military men who guarded the generals or emperor.  As they gained power, they assassinated emperors, intimidated the senate, and appointed emperors of their choice.  They were seen to be too powerful and emperors began to limit their numbers and power.


A marble-relief of the Praetorian Guard during the 2nd century can be seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Materials Needed:

Paper Version:

Gray construction paper (12 in. x 18 in.) 2 pieces

Red or your choice for crest construction paper (12 in. x 18 in.) 2 pieces

Tape (clear packing tape)

Glue stick or glue


Brass paper fasteners - 2


Duct tape alternative:

Brown paper bag - 1

Silver and red (or your choice) duct tape 1 each

Scissors bandage scissors or other sharp scissors work best for cutting duct tape

Brass fasteners 2


Other options:

Laminate construction paper - to extend the life of the hat (buy by the roll and buy good quality). Low quality laminate will separate from paper quickly.

Foam sheets large (12 in. x 18 in.) or by the roll (18 in. x 72 in.) Tape on the inside when possible, use transparent duct tape on exterior when necessary.