Philistines Cleopatra Assyrians Roman Legionary
Spartans Nubian Hannibal
Greek Corinthian Nefertiti Pharaoh Menes Roman Praetorian Guard
Qin Tutankhamun Celts
With this resource you can! Now children can not only learn about history, they can wear it! Historical Headgear, Hats, and Helmets helps teachers and parents teach history by enabling children to "live" history, not just read about it. This book written by a homeschooling mom (B.S. ceramic engineering) and her son supplies full-sized patterns and templates and gives step-by-step fully illustrated instructions on how to create 14 different historically accurate hats. This book will show you how to construct these headgear from the ancient world using everyday materials like construction paper, poster board, grocery sacks, and duct tape. Now your children won't just read about King Tut, they can "be" King Tut!