Pharaoh Cleopatra

Ancient Egypt: Late Period 69-30 BC





Cleopatra VII was of Macedonian ancestry and not an Egyptian at all though she considered herself Pharoah over Egypt.  A descendent of Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great’s successors she was the last ruler of the 300 year Ptolemy dynasty.


Her profile on a bas-relief at the Temple of Hathor in Dandarah, Egypt shows that she wasn’t beautiful by our standards but many of her day considered her fascinating. Julius Caesar and Mark Antony must have thought so for she captured the hearts of both men, producing a son with Julius Caesar and three children with Mark Antony.  In a dramatic ending to her life she allowed a poisonous snake to kill her rather than be captured and paraded through the streets of Rome. 



Paper version

Yellow construction paper (12 in. x 18 in.) – 2 pieces

Blue marker

Tape (clear packing tape)



Duct tape version

Brown paper grocery bag

Yellow duct tape – 1 each

Blue permanent marker

Scissors – bandage scissors or other sharp scissors work best for cutting duct tape


Other options:

Laminate construction paper - to extend the life of the hat (buy by the roll and buy good quality). Low quality laminate will separate from paper quickly.

Foam sheets – large (12 in. x 18 in.) or by the roll (18 in. x 72 in.).  Tape on the inside when possible, use transparent duct tape on exterior when necessary.