Ancient Europe: 700-100 BC




The Celts were a loosely knit people, who lived across Europe and Asia Minor.   They recorded no written history. What we know of them today we have gathered from written accounts by the Greeks and the Romans, from oral accounts of Celtic lore through the years and from archeological finds.   With the surge of Roman dominance during the 1st century AD, the Celts were pushed back to the British Isles. Archeological discoveries and folklore depict them as headhunters and gifted iron workers.  Not definitive are the style of helmets worn by the Celts. Helmets with horns, various animals and birds on the crest, the Montefortino (a precursor of the Roman Legionary helmet) and the one pictured above have been attributed to Celtic origins.


Such a helmet is on display at the State Prehistorical Collection in Munich.



Paper version

Gray or black construction paper (12 in. x 18 in.) - 3 pieces

Tape (clear packing tape)

Glue stick or glue



Duct tape version

Brown paper grocery bag

Gray or black duct tape 1 each

Scissors bandage scissors or other sharp scissors work best for cutting duct tape


Other options:

Laminate construction paper - to extend the life of the hat (buy by the roll and buy good quality). Low quality laminate will separate from paper quickly. 

Foam sheets large (12 in. x 18 in.) or by the roll (18 in.x 72 in.) Tape on the inside when possible, use transparent duct tape on exterior when necessary.