Ancient Mesopotamia: 1900-605 BC




The Assyrians lived in the region of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq).  The Assyrians occupied the northern area while Babylon occupied the southern area.  For much of their history the Assyrians and the Babylonians sought to increase their territory at the expense of the other.  At it’s height Assyria ruled over the entire Mesopotamia region down to the Persian Gulf, along the eastern Mediterranean and down into Egypt.  Notorious for their brutality to their captives, their enemies eventually banded together against them and their existence as an independent country came to an end.


The Assyrians were famous for their pointed helmets but as time passed they became more elaborate with curved crests or plumes on top.  A wall relief on display at the British Museum depicts a battle scene of a siege against an Egyptian city by Assurnasirpal II and shows Assyrians wearing both pointed and curved crested helmets.



Paper version

Gray construction paper (12 in. x 18 in.) – 2 pieces

Green construction paper 1 (9 in. x 12 in.) – 1 piece

Tape (clear packing tape)

Glue stick or glue


Floral wire


Duct tape version

Brown paper grocery bag

Gray duct tape – 1 each

Scissors – bandage scissors or other sharp scissors work best for cutting duct tape

Floral wire – 2 pieces


Other options:

Laminate construction paper - to extend the life of the hat (buy by the roll and buy good quality). Low quality laminate will separate from paper quickly.

Foam sheets – large (12 in. x 18 in) or by the roll (18 in. x 72 in.) Tape on the inside when possible, use transparent duct tape on exterior when necessary.